Tara Labs The Zero XLR Para wstecz
Tara Labs The Zero Interconnect Pair XLR-XLR 1.3 metra



+ PARA / długość: 1.3 meter

+ Typ: Zero XLR-XLR wraz z HFX Floating Ground Station

+ Oryginalna torba Tara labs

+ Stan: Używany / doskonały / EXCELENT +


Cena katalog nowe : 14 900 USD / 62 500 PLN

Cena w tej ofercie :  16 500 PLN


Kultowy interkonekt z ówcześnie topowej serii Tara Labs THE ZERO w doskonałej cenie. Polecamy !!!

Dostepny również interkonekt The Zero w konfekcji RCA-RCA


“The Zeros didn't change the flavor of my system. They produced a new sensation unique in my listening experience. I've now had them long enough to know that my ears aren't being fooled by rolled-off highs or softened transients, because there's nothing mellow or soft about the sound. It's just fundamentally, musically right.”

Stereophile Magazine Review  / Tara Labs The Zero Series


“My fears were unfounded. Wired up with these ridiculously expensive interconnects, my system reached even more exalted levels of musicality, detail, purity, harmonic expansiveness, attack, sustain, decay, realism, and everything else I've already described. The increase in backdrop quiet was enormous. (…)

Don't hate the messenger. A length of TARA Labs The Zero arrived in my listening room unannounced and unheralded, and I had no idea what it cost. But when it was inserted in my system, I knew immediately what it was doing to the sound. And when the entire system was wired with Zeros, it sounded even better.”

Stereophile Magazine Review  / Tara Labs The Zero Series


“Very occasionally I come upon a system that gives me a tangible sense of immersion, one where the physical speakers have dissolved as the origin of the sound and the sound stage moves freely in all directions in front of and behind the speaker plane.”

Positive Feedback Tara Labs Zero & Omega Series Review


The Zero: Air-dielectric, evacuated interconnect with Rectangular Solid-Core conductors and Floating Ground System. Capacitance: 3.4pF/foot. Inductance: 0.018µH/foot.

The ZERO Series of audio interconnect cables represent the absolute state-of-the-art in audio interconnect design. No other interconnect design can approach the performance standard of a ZERO Series Interconnect. The design starts with Rectangular Solid Core® conductors. The RSC® conductors are specially shaped and frequency tuned to reveal more of the harmonic structure of the music than any other audio conductor. These conductors are suspended within a totally unique Teflon® tube. This tube within the ZERO Interconnect holds the conductors in position along the internal wall of the tube, without the need for extra dielectric/plastic materials that would affect the sound.



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