Vinyl Goldmine STABI-S + Rega + Power Supply wstecz

KUZMA STABI-S Turntable Set


+ Kuzma Stabi S Turnatable

+ Rega 300 series Tonearm

+ Kuzma Turntable Motor Power Supply with Speed Control ( PS S )


Having tested a variety of entry hi-end concepts we came to a conclusion that none gets close to Stabi-S combo. Solidity , dynamics and resolution provided by ingeniius design of turntable motor and brass plinth are completed with high quality Rega Tonearm. It simply doesnt get any better then that. Well it does accually. The right tracking of the record by a phono cartridge relies on speed stability, whatever imperfection occur to a electrical current will affect the performance of any audio equipment significantly. Therefore the smartest way to improve the performance of a turntable motor and improve cartridge’s tracking consistency and stability, is to support the motor with external power unit.


Upgrading Kuzma Stabi with POS unit will simply upgrade Your turntable to straight hi-end class with very limited cost.


Stabi S is our smallest turntable with a design approach normally found only in more expensive models. Its unique shape and construction of solid brass rods, provide an extremely rigid connection to platter, bearing and tonearm support. There is no flat plate to resonate and transmit vibrations, only solid brass rods 50mm in diameter. A second brass rod provides stability and the two are clamped together in a T shape. The motor is housed independently in its own bras tower which dampens vibration of the motor itself. A ground, flat belt provides drive from the motor pulley to the subplatter.


The bearing is of highly polished, fine grain carbon steel with a one point contact, while the bearing sleeve is of a resin/textile material which has excellent damping, non-resonant properties.

With a mat on top and rubber damping insert underneath, the sold aluminium platter provides a stable non-resonant platform for records.

An acrylic cover protects platter and tonearm while reflecting the turntable’s original shape. A 45 rpm adaptor is provided and is simply slipped over the 33 rpm pulley. The turntable can accommodate various tonearms by the use of different pre- cut brass plates and it allows for VTA adjustment on any tonearm mounted.

The whole turntable is supported by an optional high density plywood plate.



Offers and product information:

( 0048 ) 515 338 633

  • Wymienna igła :  nie
  • Pokrywa :  tak
  • Prędkość obrotów :  33,33 rpm / 45,11 rpm
  • Przedwzmacniacz :  nie
  • Zasada działania :  MC
  • Gniazdko RCA :  nie / stały kabel RCA
  • Zalecana siła nacisku :  1,8g - 2,2g
  • Separacja kanałów przy 1 kHz :  25dB
  • Typ igły :  Eliptyczna
  • Pasmo przenoszenia :  20-20.000 Hz + 2 / - 2 dB
  • Masa :  13 kg
  • Zawieszenia :  1/2
  • Waga talerza :  4 kg
  • Ramię :  RB250
  • wkładka :  Dynavector DV 10X5 MC
  • Zasilacz zewnętrzny :  Kuzma z przełącznikiem obrotów
  • Overhang :  15 mm

Price: 11 300,00 zł


Availability: Yes


Sending: 3 days