Kuzma Stabi R wstecz
Kuzma Stabi R gramofon

Turntable Kuzma Stabi R.


Stabi R is a very compact turntable made from a solid block of aluminium with an internal (built in) electronic power supply. Drive is provided through a DC motor and a proprietary, non flexible drive belt

The main platter is a constrained sandwich design consisting of three layers (aluminium – acrylic - aluminium) in order to minimise vibration and maximise the damping effect of the platter itself and that of the LP. The ruby ball minimises friction and noise within the thrust bearing and is supported on a special low noise compound material.
One of the crucial design features of the new Stabi R is an unsurpassed degree of versatility and flexibility with regard to multiple tonearm installations. It is possible to use up to 4 (four!) tonearms around the main platter. Further, a variety of colours and a wood finish are available as options.


Kuzma Stabi R base black/silver no armboard wing , no side panels

Kuzma Stabi R

Kuzma Stabi R wood black/silver walnut or natural wood frame, one arm

Kuzma Stabi RD black/silver, two armboard wings






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„That’s the real joy of the Stabi R; it’s a surprisingly „Everyman” turntable. It appeals as much to someone just wanting the best turntable as it does to the music collector who must have entirely different cartridges for different recordings, and all points in between. While I don’t think this is the rebirth of the transcription turntable, not least because few radio stations are playing records that much today, the Kuzma Stabi R honours the spirit of those transcription turntables, by building a turntable that will just keep running and running, and sounding damn good in the process.”



  • Prędkość obrotów :  33/45 rpm
  • Masa :  36 kg
  • Zasilanie :  115 - 230 V
  • Waga talerza :  8 kg

Price: 33 600,00 zł


Availability: Yes


Sending: 5 days