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Saboten wstecz
Miyajima Saboten Stereo MC cartridge

Miyajima Saboten Stereo MC cartridge.


Saboten L selected carefully from a bit big beautiful cactus spine. The tip of the cactus cantilever ties a short aluminum cantilever of 0.6 millimeters in diameter and attaches the pure diamond needle of the line contact. It is a clear sound and expresses a delicate sound. It does not give a useless sound.

It is hard to handle Saboten L for low compliance very much. I thought about a plan change first, but decided to just make it. I thought it to be the nearest from an original sound. I feel the good tone of the musical instrument and feel clear distance between a sound and sounds. A start and force and the low tone speed are the best. It is hard to handle this cartridge most in Miyajima-lab, but I want to certainly recommend it to a user possessing a large audio system.

You can enjoy real music by Saboten L. The Cameroonian ebony body is hard and is heavy.

A black body has some white spots. It is hard to look with a photograph, but is a beautiful spot.


Miyajima Saboten

  • Stereo MC cartridge

  • Stylus Shape: bonded elliptical diamond stylus

  • Body: Lignum vitae






1 Maja 36 / 3


515 338 633

  • Zalecana siła nacisku :  2,0 g
  • Impedancja Wewnętrzna :  15 Ω
  • Napięcie wyjściowe :  0,18 mV
  • Pasmo przenoszenia :  20 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Rodzaj wkładki :  Stereo MC
  • Typ igły :  Diamentowa eliptyczna
  • Masa :  8,4 g

Price: 10 500,00 zł


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