Morch Morch DP-6 CHROME wstecz
Morch DP-6 CHROME Ramię Gramofonowe

Model DP-6


Model DP-6 has a unique combination of bearings. A silicone-damped, high precision ball-bearing assembly is used for the horizontal mode of motion. Two precision sapphire bearings are incorporated for the vertical mode of motion, which may be damped also, if desired, by injecting silicone fluid into a well for vertical damping. The damping of the horizontal mode of motion is independent of the damping of vertical mode of motion, and the latter can further be adjusted to all intermediate levels of damping.

In model DP-6 the azimuth adjustment for perfect channel separation is accomplished at the pivot of one of the sapphire bearings.



Price: 8 900,00 zł


Availability: Yes


Sending: 3 days