REGA RB-303 wstecz
REGA RB-330 Ramię Gramofonowe

Rega RB303 Tonearm


The famous RB303 has been modified to improve production and yield enhanced sonic reproduction. An improved vertical bearing housing has been used, which heightens rigidity in the tonearm's mounting, reducing stress in the main 13mm bearings. This assembly is topped off with the improved RB700 bias housing phono cable. The armtube is vastly more rigid and tapered for superior strength and rigidity. The bearing housing has been modified to be more compact and uses even higher precision bearings, allowing the arm to track virtually friction-free. The headshell design was modified just slightly to provide a more sturdy mount for the cartridge. Low capacitance tonearm wire and leads provide a big jump in conductivity.



Price: 2 100,00 zł


Availability: Yes


Sending: 20 days