REGA RP6 wstecz
REGA RP6 Gramofon

RP6 Turntable


The RP6, another multi award winning turntable design, is available in three stunning high gloss piano finishes. Incorporating many advanced features, the RP6 boasts some major advances in platter and motor control technology.


The RP6 features an innovative two piece platter design constructed from float glass, improving speed stability, accuracy and consistency. The inclusion of the RB303 tonearm and our custom TT-PSU offers advanced motor vibration reduction and the convenience of electronic speed change. The option to have the Exact moving magnet cartridge factory fitted is available (recommended). Delivering exceptional performance through clever design and engineering solutions the RP6 provides a welcome addition to any hi-fi system.


RB303 Tonearm

Designed using the latest 3D CAD technology, the new RB303 is the culmination of more than 30 years of tonearm design experience. Due to advances in technology, we have been able to fine tune the iconic RB300 tonearm design.


TTPSU power supply

The compact TT-PSU uses a high stability, crystal locked, low distortion sine wave generator. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier fed from a stabilised DC power supply, generates a 24v AC balanced signal of less than 0.05% distortion, which is completely un-affected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions.


24v Low noise motor


DB Technology (Double Brace Technology)

“Mass absorbs energy - lost energy equals lost music”!

Rega has pioneered the use of lightweight rigid plinths. Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic Planar turntable range.The latest generation of Rega turntables takes this design philosophy to the next level



Offers and product information:


  • Pokrywa :  tak
  • Prędkość obrotów :  33,33 rpm / 45,11 rpm
  • Przedwzmacniacz :  nie
  • wkładka :  bez
  • Regulowana wysokość ramienia :  nie
  • Gniazdko RCA :  nie / stały kabel RCA
  • Ramię :  RB303
  • Zasilacz zewnętrzny :  TT-PSU z kondycjonerem

Price: 5 400,00 zł


Availability: Yes


Sending: 20 days