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TecDAS AirForce V

TechDAS Air Force V.


Integrated concepts & technologies

The Air Force V consists of two units: the Main Unit (including built in motor) and the Pump / Power Supply / Air Condenser Unit.The Air Force turntables feature unique and refined „air” technologies which include our air bearing that allows the player to flow on a very thin layer of air.

This mechanically isolates the rotating platter and the record from any vibration. Additionally our vacuum hold-down system clamps an LP onto the platter itself.

With these technologies the Air Force turntables have distinguished themselves from conventional turntables in terms of sound and performance.

While most turntables on the market deliver a similar sound from that of the old analog age, in our opinion, analog sound should not remain static, much the same as we have witnessed decades of advancements in the digital audio sector.

Advancements in analogue sound

We at TechDAS believe that the analog sound we produce has gone beyond previous levels of signal to noise ratios and is more inline with the signal to noise ratios achieved in modern digital audio. And TechDAS „Air Force” technologies bring about the ultimate state-of-the-art analog sound.



  • Chassis: Aluminum(A5052)/Super drumlin (A7075) assembly

  • Satin silver anodized finish

  • Weight: 11 kg

  • Platter (main and sub platters): Precision machined aluminum (A5056).

  • Black anodized and high gloss polished.

  • Platter Weight: 6.7 kg

  • Total moment of inertia: 734 kgcm²

  • Drive System: Sub-platter belt drive

  • Motor: AC synchronous motor built in the main chassis

  • Rotation speed: 33.3 rpm / 45 rpm

  • Wow & Flutter: below 0.03 %

  • Dimensions: 312 (W) x 168 (H) x 368 (D) mm

  • Minimum Dimensions for setting up: 413 (W) x 418 (D) mm

  • Total Weight: 18 kg


  • Power consumption: 50 W

  • Dimensions: 350 (W) x 160 (H) x 270 (D) mm

  • Weight: 9 kg

  • Minimum depth for setting up: 330 (D) mm


  • ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED: Tonearm base x 1 (drilled for specified tonearm).
    An extra cost may be required according to the tonearm.
    Platter Cover x 1.
    Cables, Air hoses, Platter setup tools, Users manuals.

  • OPTIONAL ITEMS & ACCESSORIES: Extra tonearm base.
    Disc Stabilizer.






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„Our most affordable model that preserves the „Air Force” technologies

The Air Force V has been developed to deliver another dimension of analog sound to more analog enthusiasts at a more affordable price. This model has a similar sized compact chassis as the Air Force III, and by designing an elaborate drive system successfully reduces any motor vibrations.

Thus we have achieved an integration of the motor in the plinth. The result is an even more compact turntable without a separate motor unit that can be fitted with up to four tonearms.”


Hideaki Nishikawa


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